A Crafty Post

So today I will take a brief break from food posts to share some fun projects I did with Alice (my 2 year old) in the last week.  Alice turned two in October, and she goes to daycare 3 days a week (M-W-F).  Her daycare is an amazing place on the campus of my husbands college.  By a total fluke she was put in a class where she is the youngest by about six months, but due to her advanced nature she has flourished and grown beautifully.  Some of her favorite activities include visiting the library and museum, singing and dancing, counting (she counts to ten in English and to about 8 in Spanish) and doing any sort of art project.  Since I spend the remaining two days (Tuesday and Thursday) home with her one on one I often try to find projects I can do with her between trips to the library and museum and playing outside.  After spending sometime on Pintrest (where some of my best inspirations come from!) I found a few handprint art projects that were perfect!!  The first one we made for my brother and his wife and son-they have a house on Flamingo Lane, so it was a perfect fit!


The second project we did was for Grammy!


Both projects had “special” supplies needed-acrylic paints being the main thing I wasn’t interested in buying.  I decided to make the best of what I had which was Crayola brand washable pants.  I headed off to Target and while searching around I found that Crayola makes board canvases that are meant to be used with its paints!!  They were about 4.50 for a pack of 2, they are 9×12 and the best part:  If you use Crayola washable paints THE PAINT WIPES OFF WITH A BABY WIPE!! YEP. Thats right. Smush a hand print? Wipe it off. To much paint? Wipe it off.  I had to take some time to get Alice’s handprint just right and was so glad that I was able to wipe it off so that way I didn’t end up wasting the canvas boards!  Of course in between projects I let hand finger paint on some paper I had spread on the table! She had a blast and so did I!!


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