Cheeseburger Soup (The Aftermath)

So.  I made the cheeseburger soup.  Yesterday it was looking like it was going to work out well-it had thickened nicely, I had kept out the cheddar cheese thinking I would add that before serving.  Put the pot in the fridge. And from there it went to hell.  Pulled it out in order to reheat this afternoon.  Asked hubby to turn it on-he says I said medium, I am fairly sure I said low-but either way it was turned on medium with boiled the heck out of it-reducing it to watery sludge since most of the potato sank and caught on the bottom.  I added the cheese to try and help and it didn’t go well-left the soup with a gritty texture from half melted cheese.  I will have to try this recipe again in the future now that I know how I screwed it up-and I would def follow the recipe all the way through to the end the first day and then figure out how to reheat!  Sometimes I let my brain get ahead of me! Oh well.  At least hubby ate it!


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