A year later

Well, it has been a little over a year since my last post and once again I find myself promising myself that I will do more blogging.  I have a HUGE backlog of recipes, craft ideas and projects and stories.  So much has happened in the last year.  In February of 2014 we took a huge family vacation which was CRAZY-drove through a huge snow storm to get to the vacation and then I got sun poisoning on the way home.  In March my “boyfriend” (more on this later) and I decided we would be moving to Rochester in August for him to complete schooling.  After a visit to Rochester in May, we also decided it was time to GET MARRIED!  We planned our wedding in 68 days, and on August 2nd 2014 we finally tied the knot!  Two weeks later we moved to Rochester.  I have a gotten a job, my husband is doing a Co-Op at a local company and Alice who is now 2 (!!OMG!!) is attending daycare 3 times a week and doing AMAZING-she is just the smartest little thing!!  Right now, while still tough in some aspects, things are going great!!  And hopefully with this post,  I will start a new time of remembering to blog!!!


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